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Andrade calls it quit as Texas Secretary of State

By Joe Sandoval | 25 de noviembre de 2012

San Antonio.- The first Latina to hold the highest elections office in Texas has resigned her position, effective Friday.

Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade is stepping down after serving 4½ years in office, the fourth –longest serving secretary of state.

In the letter to Gov. Rick Perry, Andrade said that holding the state’s highest elections official was the highest honor in her professional life.

That professional life played a major role in her capacity as secretary of state, at least according to one San Antonio chief executive.  “Hope has done a fantastic job as the chief economic development spokesperson for the state of Texas,” said Richard Perez, President and CEO Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

Perez added that Andrade offered her business insight when the state dealt with businesses across the country and was instrumental in helping numerous of those companies call Texas home. Those moves translated in to jobs.

In a prepared statement Tuesday, Perry said that Andrade “has a permanent place in our state’s history books, and her personal commitment to making Texas a place of unlimited opportunity will leave a lasting impression on our state’s future.”

The San Antonio native got the tap from Perry in 2008, following her tenure as chair of the Texas Transportation Commission. In her role as secretary of state, Andrade was onboard as a senior advisor to the governor in Texas and Mexican border affairs.

The 63 year old San Antonio native served one year as president of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 1998 and was well known and respected by the local business community. So well-known and respected she was the interim head of that same chamber in 2008. Andrade also was the vice chair of San Antonio Greater Chamber of Commerce.

In the ‘90s Andrade was a part of the VIA Transit Authority, coming onboard in 1995 through 1998 as a Bexar County appointee. In 1997 she held the position of vice chair.


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