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I have MAN[y] Issues Volver a "I have MAN[y] Issues"

Drink, text ....regret

By Dennis M. Ayotte, Jr. | 02 de enero de 2012

Dennis M. Ayotte, Jr. is La Prensa's resident Writer-at-large with many of his own MAN issues. Follow his column as his shares his tales of success, his failures, insecurities, unique views on life and occasional rants.

S.A..- Dennis M. Ayotte, Jr. is La Prensa's resident Writer-at-large with many of his own MAN issues. Follow his column as his shares his tales of success, his failures, insecurities, unique views on life and occasional rants.

By Dennis M. Ayotte, Jr

Text messaging has done two things for men when it comes to dating or attempting to score a date.

It’s either helped us show off our wittiness via text, or has made us out to be the lame not-so-interesting borderline creepy-guy type texter.

Text messaging has added a new dimension to the dating game. If used correctly, we can show women a whole new side of us through the power of text. It’s our opportunity to be funny and charming with only 140 characters (because no one likes a multi-page text.)

Be wise with your text and always read them before you send them. Even with the simplest of text, make sure it makes sense. You never want to send a sloppy text that reads “Let’s go bang out” when you meant to say “Let’s go hang out.” It only takes one misspelled word to throw off the whole message, and trust me, you can’t get it back.

Countless times I’ve wished I could either have that message(or messages) I just sent back or wish I would have ended one text sooner.

Moreover, never be the back-to-back machine gun texter. There is nothing worse than sending five random thoughts that could have been summed up in one clever text. Nothing says desperate and annoying more than someone who texts like an AK-47.

Before, we could only make fools of ourselves in person or over the phone. Today, the new outlets of communication have made some of us think we are the next Shakespeare when it comes to texting.

Just because these new lines of communication are open, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s okay to text as you please. I’m still a firm believer in face to face interaction, but a simple text can be an incredible tool when pursuing that special someone. Never text anything you wouldn’t say in person.

If you plan on texting a girl something amusing and sharp, give it some thought, but don’t try too hard. Your best stuff will come when you are thinking like yourself. If you try stealing a line from latest chick flick or romantic comedy, chances are she's seen it because A) It's a CHICK flick and B) That's douche bag status.

Equally important is being able to take a hint. If you always text first and get back a short response, she’s probably hoping you won’t text back.

If you’re feeling a bit freaky and decide it’s a good thing to ‘sext’ someone, keep in mind these three things; be sober, make sure you’ve actually done the act before thinking you are and delete afterwards.

Most importantly, friends do not let friends drink and text, so under no circumstances should you drink and text. When you’re drunk, your spelling goes out the window and it looks like your five-year-old brother sent the text. Besides, while drunk, you might text something you’d never think of while sober. It’s best not to take the chance.

If you are one of the few texters gifted with the ability to actually send amusing texts, don’t get full of yourself. My only advice is, if she texts you and you read it, then wait 30 minutes to text back because you want to be cool—don’t. Females know we have our phone with us 24/7 these days, they are on to the cool-guy trick and will quit texting once you do it.

If you have your own MAN issues you’d like La Prensa’s writer-at-large to tackle email dennisayottejr@gmail.com. If can tolerate him feel free to follow or friend him.


  • 23 de junio de 2013 - 20:10 GMT #1. Corinne
    [ contestar ]

    Wine drunk mistake

    I was a bit tipsy last night. And made the mistake of texting my guy with "I was a bit upset about last time we had sex. I wanted you to stay until morning light with me." I know terrible mistake! Please advice sincerely Corinne
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