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Thanksgiving Day across S.A. offers something for everybody

By Joe Sandoval | 18 de noviembre de 2012

San Antonio.- There’s no doubt that turkey will be on most people’s menu this Thanksgiving Day. Where you get your turkey may vary, but it’s not every day that you find a hamburger place that offers turkey.

Welcome to Big Bob’s Burgers, 447 Hildebrand, a block west of the San Pedro intersection across the railroad tracks. Talking with La Prensa, owner Bob Riddle said this is his second year offering turkey for Thanksgiving and there’s a good reason for it.

“We wanted to have something to do during the holiday, because not everybody eats burgers,” he matter-of-factly said.

The initial start went better than he expected, because he was looking at selling 30 to 40. By the close of business they’d passed the century mark. Year two he’s hoping it’ll turn into a tradition and to date he’s had almost 150 orders.

“Mostly it’s neighborhood sales.  Businesses give them as gifts,” Riddle explained. “Some people give them for the holidays, just to bring something. If you’re coming to a dinner, sometimes bringing the turkey makes it easier.”

While some places fry ‘em or go the traditional preparation route, such is not the case at Big Bob’s, considering that Riddle’s smoker can handle 30 birds at a time.

“It’s smoked 15 pound turkey and we smoke it between 4½ to 6½ hours,” Riddle said.  It’s not too late to place an order.  Big Bob said to call him at (210) 734-2627. He’s taking orders until Monday, November 19. Pick up is from that day on until Wednesday, Nov. 21, the day before Thanksgiving.

Once the main meal is out of the way; make sure you leave room for dessert. When it comes to Thanksgiving one place has what everybody wants, Marie Callender’s.  This year, general manager Joel Kriss, based the Callender’s on the south side of Loop 410 at Callaghan Road, told La Prensa his crews are getting the pie crustsready for their fillings which are one reason everybody wants a dessert from Callender’s.

“The fact that it’s made from scratch,” he proudly said. “We’re probably one of the few restaurants that make our pies from scratch while still using the fine ingredients at a reasonable price,” he added.

Over the four day period of Monday through Thanksgiving Day people will by more than 8,000 pies at that one store.

“The pumpkin, pecan and apple are our three major hitters,” Kriss said

Anyone want a pie they can call and reserve it at (210) 680-4257 or go online which he said is easier because you can order it, pay online and it’ll be ready for pickup.

The last day for ordering and pick up is Thanksgiving Day at 11a.m.

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