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Helping ex-felons give back to the community

By Angelika Nino | 25 de noviembre de 2012

San Antonio.- The First Felon’s Club, Inc. was the collaboration of felons who could no longer pursue their careers in the field in which they practiced prior to incarceration, these were first time white collar offenders disenfranchised from their professions. They came up with the idea of helping others by “Reinventing, Recreating, and Reintegrating” first time white collar nonviolent felons into society.

This group consists of all formerly incarcerated individuals who have faced the difficulties of re-entering society post incarceration.  As felons, they have made mistakes, have taken full responsibility of their actions and now wish to become successful and productive members of society, give back to our communities and help our communities grow. We want to be an asset to our communities rather than burdens.

First Felon’s Club, Inc. started out as a pre-trial service to transition people into prison, and work with the individual facing incarceration and their families.  Now, after its inception in 2004, First Felon’s Club, Inc. has grown to offices in Las Vegas, Dallas and its home base San Antonio, offering an array of services which include but are not limited to:

• Pre-trial services

• Incarceration experiences

• Post- incarceration services

• Temporary employment services

• Business Opportunity Collaborations

• First Felons Club/Bank of

America Network Card

• Counseling Services


The First Felon’s Club has a nonprofit ministry in place to address all the spiritual, emotional and transitional aspects of incarceration through its Perfecting Hearts Ministries. We welcome all donations in time, money and services to help our clients successfully transition into society. Anyone interested in working with us for our cause, please contact us at our corporate offices: First Felons Club, Inc., Perfecting Hearts Ministries, 1100 Northwest Loop 410, Suite 700, San Antonio, Texas 78213, (210) 366-8724.

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