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ACAN-EFE marks 40th anniversary with exhibit in Guatemala

GUATEMALA PRESS | 21 de agosto de 2013

ACAN-EFE marks 40th anniversary with exhibit in Guatemala

From left to right: former Guatemalan Vice President Eduardo Stein; columnist Gustavo Berganza; Agencia EFE President Jose Antonio Vera; journalist and academic Ana Carolina Alpirez and the editor of Guatemalan magazine Cronica, Gonzalo Marroquin, take part in a forum organized by ACAN-EFE as part of events marking the news agency's 40th anniversary. EFE

Guatemala City, Aug 21 (EFE).- ACAN-EFE, a news agency created by Spain's Agencia EFE in partnership with Central American news outlets, inaugurated a photo exhibit here Wednesday as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations.

Agencia EFE President Jose Antonio Vera and Spanish Ambassador Manuel Maria Lejarreta were on hand for the opening at the Spain Cultural Center in Guatemala City.

The photographs in "Forty years sharing our history" are displayed along a pedestrian path.

The idea of installing the exhibit on the street was "magnificent," Vera said, as it ensures the images will be seen by tens of thousands of Guatemalans and foreign visitors.

Arrayed in chronological order are photographs of the major events in Central America over the four decades of ACAN-EFE's existence.

The exhibited was assembled by the ACAN-EFE bureau in Guatemala with support from the Paiz Foundation for Art and the Spain Cultural Center.

At a forum here Tuesday, Guatemalan journalists and academics hailed ACAN-EFE's contribution to keeping Central Americans informed about their region.

ACAN-EFE is marking its 40th anniversary as the "leader in regional news, in subscribers and in presence in each one of the Central American countries," Vera said during Tuesday's gathering.

The organization began operations in June 1973, when EFE, with support from the region's major news outlets, embraced the challenge of creating an agency to report from and for Central America.

The celebration of ACAN-EFE's four decades began in June with activities in Costa Rica and Nicargua. The photo exhibit in Guatemala is to be followed by events in Honduras, El Salvador and Panama.

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