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Would you like to know the future?

By Luis Muñoz | 01 de noviembre de 2012

San Antonio.- Zombies, haunted houses, vampires, and of course my favorite, candy! Yes, it’s time that time of year again… it’s Halloween.

Don’t worry though, I promise this is not one of those articles which will bore you with the history of All Hallows Eve. Instead, this year I decided to throw myself deep into one of Halloween’s most mystical traditions; I had my Tarot cards read.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. Tarot cards, psychics, mediums, it’s all fake, right? Or is it? Listen, I understand that many people don’t believe in the supernatural. Yet, there are millions of people around the world who do. Nowadays, there are even TV shows such as “Long Island Medium” which feature those who make a living by using their “supernatural” skills. So, why not be open-minded for a little? After all,it’s the perfect season for it!

I met Deborah, A.K.A. “Mystique Lady,” a couple of weeks ago while hanging out with the crew from “Daytime @ Nine” at Terror Mansion. From the moment I met  her, I knew there was something  interesting about her. She had certain energy which I found intriguing.  Deborah mentioned she was apsychic medium so I asked for her card and set up a private appointment with her.

Walking in to Debora’s home, I can honestly say that I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, there wasn’t anything weird about it. She has a couple of nice dogs, her husband was friendly, and the house was neat. I guess everyone has an idea of what a psychic’s home is supposed to look like from all of the movies we’ve watched over the years. Sitting on her comfortable leather couch, I felt as if I were talking to a friend rather than to a stranger who was about to tell me my future.

Deborah related to me how she started in the business while living in Detroit. At first she would get strange messages that she couldn’t quite explain. These were visions and things she was seeing in her head. As these messages increased over time, she knew that something or someone was trying to speak through her. Eventually, she joined a group in her community who all shared the same gift. Deborah calls it a “gift” because she feels this thing allows her to help others cope with countless obstacles.

She says that her favorite part of her job is helping people find closure.  Mostly, she helps people forgive themselves; this includes the living and the dead. Yes, you read right, Deborah says that many of the spirits which still hang around do so because they have not yet found closure in this world. People like her help those spirits “cross over” so to speak. In fact, she mentions San Antonio is a major center for the supernatural given it’s bloody past at the Alamo. She added that downtown, specifically the San Pedro area, is filled with spirits who still linger around. Spooky right?  Whether you believe it or not, you have to admit, it all sounds fascinating.  I was hooked and I was ready to see what she would see in my cards.

Deborah’s husband set up a small table for her and she brought out her Tarot cards. I used my poker skills to shuffle them and then split them into three separate piles as instructed. These would represent the three main areas of my life. Instantly, she began.

Looking deeply and attentively at the cards (which she says are tools which help her focus) she began telling me what she saw.  First, she explained to me who I was and how others may view me.  She mentioned that I was a person who liked to keep in shape, a person who has a happy soul, but also that I had to work to stay healthy.  She said I was someone that was giving and that others came to me for advice.

Next, she started looking into my career. She said that I was extremely happy with my career.  That a long time ago, I found the right path in life and was on the exact career path I should be following.  She said I was a very loyal business person, and she saw me as a “dragon slayer,” someone that gets the job done. She said I was someone who has a large network of business relationships. She saw my career growing soon or moving into something else related to my current career. At this point she didn’t know that I am actually in the middle of opening a new bar downtown and that, yes, my entire career is based on networking. She also guessed exactly that my some of my best friends were my current business partners.

She moved on to relationships and said I had been through a major break-up which had left me in a lot of pain. That it had been hard to let go of her and that I still had love for her. She said that we had begun as great friends and that she felt we would always remain great friends.  In fact, she said that the friendship would only grow stronger. She was dead-on. As for the future, she said I would meet someone in one or two years and that I should stay away from group sports before the end of the year to avoid a leg injury.

All-in-all, I found Deborah to be very personable and friendly. I found her to be very precise in  many ways. One last thing, she mentioned a “grandmother-type” soul always around me, looking after me. Hey, I’ll take any kind of protection I can get!  So, is she the real deal? I’ll let you decide. To set up a reading privately or for parties, you can email Deborah at MystiqueLady@att.net

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