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Happy 23rd Birthday to La Prensa!

By Angela Covo | 05 de julio de 2012

San Antonio.- Almost a quarter of a century ago, on July 5, 1989, Millie and Tino Duran officially launched La Prensa San Antonio, resurrecting San Antonio’s Hispanic bilingual weekly newspaper.(photo by Angela Covo)

By Angela Covo                                                                            angela.covo@gmail.com

As a rule, La Prensa San Antonio highlights all the positive San Antonio topics: great role models, effective programs, incredible human interest stories – and in two languages – Spanish and English. The family-owned and operated bilingual newspaper has been the center of the Duran Family’s life since then and they have made it their mission to bring attention to all that is good in San Antonio and to give people across the city of San Antonio news they can use.

Noting this anniversary, Millie Duran can only express gratitude.

“Most important, please tell everyone thank you – without this community and all the wonderful people who support us,  read La Prensa and contribute to its pages, we never would have made our dream -- to create a local newspaper that makes a difference – come true,” she said.

Always looking for a way to give back, Millie Duran created La Prensa Foundation with husband Tino Duran just a few years after they started the newspaper. The endeavor was to fill a gap for economically-disadvantaged students, many of whom are Hispanic.

Each year, they help more and more students through the direct scholarship program and by partnering with local colleges and universities as well. So far, the foundation raised more than $2.3 million to fund scholarships for local students who dream of making their marks in school and in the world-at-large by getting a solid education so they too can contribute to society.

For the last twenty-three years, La Prensa San Antonio also worked hard to make its own mark and to keep up with the most innovative ways to inform our readers, starting with a great Website at www.laprensasa.com. Major stories and regular columns are published on the Website and readers can find all the newspapers as originally printed in their digital pdf form in the archives at www.laprensasa.com.

The work done at La Prensa San Antonio has also inspired many great writers and editors over the years, some who have been with the paper since the beginning, like Mr. Roberto Perez and Mr. Jose Franco -- and others who started their careers at La Prensa San Antonio, like the late Carlos Guerra, who proved to be a formidable columnist.

Thanks to such staff members and the support of the community, for 23 years, week after week, La Prensa manages to deliver great stories about local, state and national issues that are relevant to San Antonio to fulfill its original mission:  to inform, educate and inspire the Alamo City and beyond.  

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