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Help support the ladies in more ways than one

By Amy Robinson | 19 de julio de 2012

San Antonio.- When we think of helping women in need, we don’t generally think of undergarments. Not surprisingly, bras are the most needed and least-donated clothing item. But Soma Intimates seeks to change that with its “Giving is Beautiful” campaign.

Soma Intimates is proud to partner with the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Soma urges women to donate new or gently worn bras by August 12to support women in domestic violence shelters.

“With this economy, it’s easy to say you can’t give money to a charity. But every woman can pull out a bra from her drawer and make a difference,” said Elaine Birks-Mitchell, Bra Recyclers Founder.

Many women have reservations about donating bras because of the personal nature of the item. However, a washed bra is just as sanitary as donating a shirt. Even if you think your bra is too grungy for Soma to use, they will put every donation to good use. All unusable bras will go to Bra Recyclers, an organization that refurbishes bras to send them across the world.

“The letters we get from women who have received the bras are so appreciative of something so simple. I like to think of myself as part of a bra-volution,” boasted Birks-Mitchell.

This event will mark the fourth bi-annual “Giving is Beautiful” campaign. So far Soma has collected and redistributed over 265,000 bras to women in need.

“We’ve learned that thousands of women and girls across the country are in need of bras,” said Laurie Van Brunt, Soma Intimate’s Brand President.

But the number may even be higher than that.

More than 4 million women stay in domestic violence shelters, according to Soma.

Bras can be an essential item in a women’s wardrobe. They reduce discomfort and fatigue as well as become necessary for women seeking jobs. Many business dress codes even require women to wear bras. But perhaps most important, bras provide women with confidence.

“Not every woman chooses to wear a bra, but those who do typically feel like they need one to feel confident and comfortable in public,” Debra Bass, the Post-Dispatch Fashion Editor, said. “It’s probably a necessary psychological and emotional boost.”

A boost is just what these women deserve.

Soma has made it easy for you to do your part:

1)       Give bras to your closest Soma boutique

2)       Mail bras to:

Soma Bra Donation c/o The Bra Recyclers
3317 S. Higley Rd, Ste 114-441
Gilbert, AZ 85297

3)       Donate online and help victims of domestic abuse by making a monetary contribution

It’s as easy as sorting through your top drawer to help women in domestic violence shelters.

Support the ladies because every woman deserves a boost!

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