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San Antonio building toward a modern look

By Dennis M. Ayotte, Jr. | 14 de diciembre de 2011

San Antonio.- Modern isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of San Antonio. Historic and tradition are more likely to be associated with the Alamo City.

By Dennis M. Ayotte, Jr
Photo by Kristin Johnson

The Alamo, the Emily Morgan building, the Majestic are all architectural feats that resonate with the people of the city.

Moreover when you think of architecturally relevant homes the King William district is first and foremost, but there’s not much in the city past the area nestled in Southtown.

As of late, San Antonio has been shifting into a more modern age of architecture, specifically in its urban spaces and home s altering perceived notions San Antonio lacks innovation.

In an effort to shed light on San Antonio’s progressive landscape and highlight the city’s verging growth in contemporary terms, San Antonio Modern Homes looks to do just that.

“Often times modern homes are viewed as kind of bizarre boxy structures that are built between traditional homes and some people view them as eye sores at times,” Matt Swinney, founder of San Antonio Modern Home Tours.

“We wanted to spotlight these homes and let the community know that we think there is a lot of potential and there are amazing San Antonio-based architects doing some incredible things.”

Swinney started featuring modern homes in Austin with business partner James Leasure in an effort to showcase and promote progressive, responsible urban growth and to bring contemporary masterpieces to the public.

The Modern Home tour features unique and contemporary homes designed by local architects and designers. Saturday played hos t to San Antonio ’s  first-ever Modern Home tour, displaying eight of the Alamo City’s more progressive homes and urban spaces.

Over 250 locals participated in the tour exploring homes on the North and Southside’s of San Antonio.

“It was really fun and pretty well organized. There were eight houses so there was a lot to do and see, some of the homes may have been more of urban spaces than modern but they were all really great places to see in San Antonio,” Kristin Johnson who attended this weekend’s tour said. Johnson explained the fact the homes were spread throughout the city rather than in one centralized location was refreshing.

The Northside of town showed equally as progressive homes as ones found downtown. The tour was the first in San Antonio, but has been going on in Austin for the past three years and is also expanding to Houston and Denver.

”While San Antonio is primarily  known for traditional architecture and design, a few contemporary  architects have sprung up over the last several years wanting to work in a city as aesthetically pretty as San Antonio,” Swinney said. “We’re excited to bring this tour for the first time so locals can really get a flavor of what’s currently going on and what’s to come of the architecture community.”

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