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Roundtable discussion on Obamacare

By Joe Sandoval | 25 de agosto de 2013

San Antonio.- (Courtesy Photo)


On October 1, 2013, the Employee Notification Deadline of the Affordable Health Act will take effect and for many small businesses and owners a number of questions remained unanswered.


It’s because of this that DES Business Solutions and Harbor America are hosting a lunchtime seminar, Wednesday, August 28, 2013, from noon to 2pm to review and discuss the Patient Protective Affordable Health Care Act (PPACA) "Obamacare" and how to be prepared for the future. 


This is a “must do” for any business owner or manager of any business. The presentation that afternoon will cover the following topics and will have an open question as well as an answer session afterwards:


  • What are these Marketplace Exchanges all about and how do the timelines affect my business?
  • Does the Individual Mandate affect my company?
  • What are the penalties if I do not have things done correctly?
  • How will the 2015 Employer Mandate affect my company and what do I need to do to be prepared for it?
  • What are the penalties I could be facing if I do not have things set up correctly?
  • I have heard of other business owners that think they have found a way around this law is there anything that could get them in trouble?


Those and any other questions tied to the deadline will be addressed and it’s why business owners and managers are being asked to attend the event. It can only help you stay ahead of the Obamacare regulations that are coming and will impact your company.


Lunch will be provided so please RSVP as soon as possible to the DES Office: (210) 651-1200 or contact Earl Roberts: (210) 669-1009, Joe Flores: (210) 573-7832 or Larry Roberts (210) 979-1541.


The luncheon/seminar, at ZaZa Gardens, 723 S. Flores, is limited to 50 people.


Information regarding following seminars on September 12th and September 25th will be available.


Joe Sandoval is an editor for La Prensa de San Antoino. He may be reached at editor@laprensasa.com.

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