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UIW welcomes largest freshmen class to date

By Giselle Guadrón | 17 de agosto de 2012

San Antonio.- The 2012-2013 school year welcomes 1,000 freshmen students. Making it the biggest freshmen class in the history of the University of the Incarnate Word.

What better way to start their college career off on the right foot than by having friends and family helping them move into their new college dorms.

That is the idea behind freshmen move-in day at the University of the Incarnate Word.

Thursday was freshmen move-in day and the UIW campus was buzzing. There were lines of cars unloading an array of dorm items like linens, boxes of food, toilet paper, and one student even brought a printer.

Diana Sanchez director of residence life explained that one day is set aside for freshmen to move in. That way they can be directed where to go since they might not be familiar with the campus.

“As a parent I know what it feels like to have kids and UIW makes parents feel good that their kids are in good hands,” Sanchez emphasized.

All the volunteers that help students move-in, answer their questions and direct them where to go are all from the UIW family. There are faculty, staff and students helping so that freshmen feel welcome in their new home.

Pre-Pharmacy Freshman Jakari Minnieweather, a Houston native, arrived early before things got too busy. He was getting extra help from volunteers and his father while moving all his belongings to his dorm.

Minnieweather is looking forward to his first year of college and knows that UIW will be a great new home for him. There is one thing he is looking forward to the most as he begins this new chapter.

“I have never been away from home before and I’m excited about the whole college experience,” he said.

His father Reginald was helping his son and unloading the back of their truck.

“I am so proud he finished high school, and he’s going to have a great college experience at UIW,” he expressed.

All students returning to UIW will start moving in on Friday. Once all students are settled into their dorms then all the campus needs to be complete are the commuter students. That will make the UIW campus one step closer to being ready for classes set to begin on Monday.

Good luck to everyone continuing or beginning their scholastic journey. Study hard and do your best.

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